Our Business


국내 최대 연구개발 제조 전문기업(OEM/ODM) 에스에이코스메틱

The largest cosmetic product research,
development, and production specialist
in South Korea that receives most trust and credit
SA Cosmetic develops and produces top-quality products by realizing OEM and ODM systems
through active communication with partners and buyers.
Sharing the know-hows
on raw material selection and finished-product process.
OEM for the production of multiple product styles in small quantities
Domestic and international sales
Strict confidentiality of the contracts with buyers
Provision of the know-hows and technical information
that the company researched and developed for marketing sponsorship.
Franchise logistics business
Sharing technology for new brand product
development and design development


Became the first one in South Korea to offer a comprehensive beauty service in 2010
Internal quality control, R&D center, and beauty program solutions
Skindom, Kael 28, Barbiedom
Human resources management
Beauty academy system
SA Cosmetic
International markets
Export & open market