Research Institute


국내 최대 연구개발 제조 전문기업(OEM/ODM) 에스에이코스메틱

Accumulated technology in the field of
skin care and aesthetic products
Stable and speedy development of new technology
and new formulation into products
Customized product development
that addresses customer needs
A range of techniques for
body care and aromatic products
Development of functional raw ingredients
through industry-academy cooperation
Development of functional raw ingredients
using precision-analysis devices
Securing product quality
through preliminary analysis of
raw ingredients and subsidiary materials
Systematic management and analysis of
product stability and efficacy
Provision of top-quality products
through the ISO9001 quality system
Skin Care Team
  • Systematic efficacy and effect analysis and management Development of various types of functional products with skin brightening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection effects.
  • Conquering science technology for skin health and beauty
  • Research and development to satisfy consumer needs and desires Research and development of skin care efficacy and effect
Body Care Team
  • Development of optimal skin-friendly and hypoallergenic body products using surfactants made from natural ingredients
  • Research and development of cellulite care products by studying lipolysis
  • Research and development of functional productions for each body parts such as skin moisturizing, firming, and over-night products.
Aromatic Product Team
  • Development of products by studying the effect and efficacy of aromatherapy Developing various products including shower cologne, and perfume
Quality Control Team
  • Product development guarantee through usability tests and technical data analysis of the product contents and subsidiary materials
  • Scientific and objective analysis of the stability of semi-finished and finished products
  • Realization of customer satisfaction through product management system pre- and post-production
  • Provision of top-quality products through the ISO9001 quality management system