국내 최대 연구개발 제조 전문기업(OEM/ODM) 에스에이코스메틱

A research, development and manufacturing specialist (OEM/ODM) SACOS
Welcome to SA Cosmetic.
SA Cosmetic is a research, development, and manufacturing specialist,
which endeavors to achieve a steady growth, and become a Skindom OEM/OCM company
that represents South Korea by developing new domestic and international markets
through researchers who specialize in development of cosmetic products.

We, Skindom, has increased the level of satisfaction for buyers
through challenge and innovation in order to open up the future of “beauty”.

We will become a company that creates a new world with beauty,
and represents South Korea through our company principles:
High-quality product, accurate delivery period, and price without bubbles.

To become No.1 in South Korea, and No.1 in the world,
we will continuously work hard to bloom flowers on the peak of the summit.
Thank you.
CEOLee Song-hee